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​China Visa Solutions is your professional Chinese visa service provider to handle all your China visa needs. CVS has been a fast-growing visa agency in the past few years helping Chinese visa applicants from 50 states of the United States.

The Chinese visa services that CVS provides include China Family Visiting (Q) visa, China Tourist (L) visa, China non-Business and  Business (F/M), China Short-Term Student (X) visa, China employment family (S) visa and China Crew (C) visa. CVS also helps people to pick up their materials from Chinese consulate and mail them back. CVS helps customers with different speed of services from 2-days Express to 5-business day regular services. In a medical emergency, CVS can help you to get a visa to China in 24 hours.


Time is money. Saving is money too. Staffs at CVS surely know that everyone wants to save their hard-earned dollars. While other agencies charge over $100 for service fees, CVS still manages to keep their rates at an affordable level: Our regular service fee is only $59.00/passport. At $89.00/passport level, customers can have their passports with Chinese visa stamps back in 2-3 business days.

Located in Chicago downtown River North area, staffs at CVS will submit visa applications to the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago on a daily basis. Settled at the Courthouse Executive Offices, one of Chicago's landmark buildings, CVS is just minutes away from the Chinese Consulate.


Reliable, high approval rate, fast turnaround, affordable price, experienced, and safe, these are our philosophy. Customers’ satisfaction and loyalty are our ultimate goals.

Please feel free to send us your situation, we will reply you with a document checklist for your reference. Take advantage for this FREE and no obligation offer today!

The Chinese consulate/embassy is using an online appointment system for applications. Contact us at 312-750-0991 and see we can help you.


Please e-mail or call us with details, we will provide you with a document checklist for your reference. We have 119 five-star reviews on Yelp!, and 96 five-star reviews on Google. The Chinese consulate would not accept your mail in packages. We can help you to pick up and submit!
Questions?                       → 312-752-0991                 →

Important notice:

Please make sure we receive all required documents 3 business days before the appointment date. We will review your visa application materials at no additional charge.

Thank you. We will reply you ASPS.

Amazing service. Called me the very next morning after I sent a late night email. Answered every email over the course a week of figuring out the very confusing process. Very quick service, we got 10-yr visas back in about 10 days. Plus it's the cheapest around.

S. M.
Beaverton, OR


China Visa Solutions assisted us in obtaining China visas at a short notice. Shawn, the Operations Manager is very well versed in the process of obtaining China visas for his customers. He provided us with very professional and courteous service. He treated us with great respect and dignity. He is very prompt is his communications with his customers and providing clarifications. He guided us at every step during this process. This company's visa processing fees are very reasonable. I would certainly recommend the services of China Visa Solution.

M. M.
Chicago, IL



Shawn was great! As the reviews indicate, he was very service oriented. Always picked up the phone, was knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to help me with my particular situation. My visa came the day he said it would. I recommend this company.

J. D.
Indianapolis, IN

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5-Star Reviews From Our Customers

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