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China Visa FAQs
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What is a Chinese Visa?
A Chinese visa is a stamp or endorsement issued by Chinese Consulate on a passport that allows the bearer to visit China. Chinese visa can be obtained through a visa service agency from Chinese Consulate in the U.S.
Do I need a Chinese visa?
A Chinese visa is required prior to your trip to mainland China for tourism, business, employment, study or crew members. If you travel and stay only in Hong Kong or Macao for no more than 30 days, you are exempted from this visa requirement.
Do I need an appointment for a visa application? Can I have someone else to apply it for me?
No appointment is required, but we encourage you to check your local consulate’s website for holidays before you go. Yes, you may have a visa agency to come to the consulate for application process for you. Service fee will be charge by the agency. Chinese Consulate is not affiliated with any agencies.
Should I send in my actual passport for visa application?
Yes, you nee to send in the actual passport with more than 6 months validation, and at least one blank visa page. If approved, your Chinese visa will be stamped on one of your passport pages.
When to apply for visa before departing to China?
Between 30 to 90 days before departing to China will be the best time to apply for a visa. Chinese visa is valid immediately once issued, expires in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months respectively, depending on the visa granted. Plan early and carefully.
Does Chinese Consulate open on weekends and holidays?
No, they are closed on weekends and holidays. They also close to observe Chinese national holidays. China Visa Solutions encourage you to double check on that on your local consulate’s website. As advised, plan early and carefully.
When should you begin processing my application?
Your package arrival day is the review day by China Visa Solution experts. Processing the application starts on the next business day of arrival day. All applications will be reviewed on the day of arrival and submitted to the consulate the next business day. We must receive all required and necessary documents to start processing.
For same day rush service, additional fees will apply, please refer to our website, www.chinavisaforyou.com, for details. You are welcome to call for advice on same day rush service.
Does the processing time include shipping time?
No. Shipping in and returning shipping time is extra in addition to the processing time. Shipping times do not include Saturdays or Sundays unless specified. Deliveries may not be available on some holidays.
I am not a U. S. citizen. Can you still process my application?
Yes, we may help you to obtain the Chinese visa in the US, if you are legal resident or have valid US visa. You need to provide the legal status in the US, such as photocopy of US Green Card or valid US visa such as F, H, L, B, etc. Certain restrictions may apply. Policy may change without notice. Please call for details.
I am a US citizen currently living abroad. Can you still process my application?
Yes. The application process is the same. Please contact us for return shipping cost. Shipping times vary depending on your location.
Originally, I applied for a single entry visa, but my travel plan changed and I need to enter mainland China twice. Can I change it to a double entry and just pay the consular fee difference?
Once Chinese visa is issued, it can’t be change. You will have to apply for a new visa in order to enter mainland China twice. You will need to submit your documents to China Visa Solutions. We will go through the applications process and pay the consular fee again. Our advice is that plan early and carefully.
What is the difference between a Chinese tourist and business visa?
Chinese visas are issued according to the purpose of the trip; either tourism or business activities. In general, "tourist" visas are issued specifically for the purpose of travel for pleasure, while a "business" visa generally permits a traveler to engage in normal business-related activities (sales meetings, visiting a factory, negotiating agreements, etc.)
I'm traveling to Beijing for business and plan to stay a few extra days and travel to other cities for sightseeing. Will I need a business visa and tourist visa?
No need to apply for a tourist visa, a business visa will allow you to travel and sightseeing in different cities in mainland China within the duration permitted.
What payment methods do you accept?
China Visa Solutions accept personal check, cashiers check, money order, back check, company check, certified check, Visa and Master card and cash. Check and money orders should be payable to China Visa Solutions in U.S. dollars. Visa and Master card are subjected to a 3% extra charge.
I am currently in active service overseas or living at a military base. Can you help me on China visa application?
Yes. China Visa Solutions can ship your passport with Chinese visa to APO/FPO address via USPS.
I have a China tourist visa, can I visit my business partners in China and do business with them?
Yes, you can visit them like you visit your friends. But if your trip involves business behaviors such as signing a contract, you are not allowed to do that under a tourist visa.
We are the parents of an adopted Chinese child. Is there any special requirement for us to apply Chinese visas?
Yes, you need to send us a copy of your adoption documents to prove that you adopted the child in a legal way.
Can I use my mail courier service?
Yes. You can include a label with your courier account number on it, we will be happy to drop your package off at the courier service that you choose.

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