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Required Documents for China Work Visa

Important Reminders:
- Please send in all required documents in a timely manner. Failed to do so may result in delayed on visa approval or refusal by the Chinese Consulate.
- The Chinese Consulate will have the final decision on issuing a visa to China and may ask for further documents.
- Please mail you package with secured and trace-able service such as USPS Express, FedEx, UPS and DHL.
- If you are former Chinese citizen, and this is the first time that you apply a visa to China, please send in your Chinese passports.
- If you are former Chinese citizen and currently holding U.S. passport, please send a copy of your previous Chinese visa.
- If you are the parents of adopted Chinese children, please send in a copy of your adoption documents.
The job market in the United States is not so optimistic, the market is weak, and the jobless numbers are going up... Why not expand your job searching radar to China? As known, China is a big country that is developing so fast, with lots of manufacturing plants, thousands of joint-venture companies, Fortune 500 companies, all set up branches in China. Top U.S. IT companies such as Google, IBM, CISCO, Yahoo! and Microsoft establish R&D centers in China. Who says finding a job is a headache?

Working in China lets you have an experience that is totally different from ordinary office job, and brings you a piece of memory that you will cherish for the rest of you life. A Chinese Work (Z) visa is the document that makes all these happen.

To obtain a Chinese Work (Z) Visa, besides the regular Chinese visa applications materials, you also need to send us the original and a photocopy of your work permit, which is issued by the Labor Department or Foreign Experts Bureau. It should be obtained for you by your Chinese employer. Also, you need to send us the original and a photocopy of your confirmation of letter of invitation issued by the Foreign Affairs Office. Accompanying family members must submit a visa notification issued by the authorized Chinese unit and proof of kinship, e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.

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Please feel free to send us your detailed information for your Chinese visa needs. We will reply you with a document check list for your reference. Please take advantage of this free and no obligation offer from CVS.
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