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Required Documents for Business Visa
China is a big country with a huge market and sufficient manpower. It has suppliers and vendors in every industry and every businessman not matter he is working for a big corporation or a one-man-company of his own. That is why nowadays every businessman in the business world is talking about doing business with China. One thing is for sure, that China is the place where every businessman can find all kinds of chances and opportunities to maximize their profits and fulfill their business dreams.

A China Business (M) Visa is for businessman who plans to conduct business activities in China while visiting. A China (F) visa is also required for science or technology personals to visit China for conferences, lectures, and short-term cultural exchange.

A business invitation letter from your Chinese counterpart is a required material. It should states the purpose of your visit to China, the duration of your stay in the country, and who is responsible for your expenses of your business trip to China. The business invitation letter should also bear your personal information such as name, passport number, date of birth, and your job title. Please refer to the business invitation letter sample provided by China Visa Solutions for details.

Your Chinese business visa application is reviewed in a professional way by staffs at China Visa Solutions  to ensure that your Chinese business visa will be approved, and you can spend your precious time on more important tasks needed for your business trip to China before departure.

For more information about China travel visa requirements, contact us today. Beside China Business (F/M) visa, CVS also provide Chinese visa services for China Tourist (L/Q) visaChina Student (X) visaChina Work (Z/S) visa and China Crew (C) visa.

Please contact China Visa Solutions at info@chinavisaforyou.com or 312-752-0991 for more information.

Please feel free to send us your detailed information for your Chinese visa needs. We will reply you with a document check list for your reference. Please take advantage of this free and no obligation offer from CVS.

Important Reminders:
- Please send in all required documents in a timely manner. Failed to do so may result in delayed visa approval or refusal by the Chinese Consulate.
- The Chinese Consulate will have the final decision on issuing a visa to China and may ask for further documents.
- Please mail you package with secured and trace-able service such as USPS Express, FedEx, UPS and DHL.
- If you are former Chinese citizen, and this is the first time that you apply a visa to China, please send in your Chinese passports.
- If you are former Chinese citizen and currently holding U.S. passport, please send a copy of your previous Chinese visa.
- If you are the parents of adopted Chinese children, please send in a copy of your adoption documents.
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